Dec 18

Kingi Kongi

Separated at birth?

Ong Pic

Sammy Kong & King Kong!

The Brazilians, they say, can’t say words that end in consonants, so they have to add vowels at the end. Hence, Picnic is pronounced picki-nicky, Ping Pong is pronounced Pingi Pongi, the national airline Varig is pronounced Varigi.

Watched King Kong, or as a Brazilian might put it, Kingi Kongi over the weekend. Loads of fun!

Things you didn’t know about King Kong:

He drinks Konga-Cola.

His favorite stationery is Kongqueror.

When he doesn’t get enough fruit, he gets Kongstipated.

He never ran for Kongress.

When he’s in Hong Kong he lives in a Kongdominium.

When in Manila he likes to kangkong.


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  1. dawin

    Ok, Manolo, let’s kongtinue with the did you know?

    Raul Gonzales is related to King Kong, he is MoKong

  2. dominique

    Ouch! My ach-King head? Anyway, while we’re at it, do you think he should run for Kong-ress? After all, I think he would do better than all the Kong-enital you-know-whats who run the place? Who knows? He might actually be able to de-Kong-est traffic in Manila.

    On in-Kong-ruous as it may seem, maybe he should join a Kong-lomerate? I really think, below that gruff exterior, is a Kong-enial soul.

    Okay, I will stop now. Not showing in Dumaguete yet.

  3. mlq3

    The movie will be Kong-in soon to a theater near you!

  4. mcvie

    I see you are all going ape over this movie. I guess there’s no stopping all this monkey business. 🙂

  5. mlq3


  6. baycas

    from The Return of the King now Kong is King: http://www.writingstudio.co.za/page1015.html .

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