Nov 20

If you link to me…

… and you know it, raise your hand.

I try to make sure I link to people who link to me, but just in case, if you do link to me, drop me a comment, so I can be sure to link to you.

Among other things, links make possible my being An Adorable Little Rodent.

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  1. DJB


  2. karl

    i wonder if it can have a presenatation of clickers like me who keep on going back as long as it is not yet archived

    on linking
    pano yan wala ako website nilalagay nahihiya pa ako sa blog ko eh….nakatatlo ako tigil na

    ang masama nga lang dito ko yata nabubuhos
    parang blog within a comment

  3. Econblogger

    I link to you!

  4. dawin

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my Pinoy Big Brother

  5. bimbo

    me me I link! hehe this is my first blogstop everyday

  6. yuga

    Technorati Rank: 2,820 (716 links from 320 sites)

    Here’s the complete list: http://www.technorati.com/search/www.quezon.ph/blog

    Just from blogs though.

  7. Anomie

    I would have linked your site from mine, but I still have to go over a few more details before I could get it published. When I do finish my website, I’ll let you know if I’ve linked you.

  8. taipan88

    I always read your blog, and I appreciate the tremendous learning I get from you. For that, I am forever grateful.

    Unfortunately, I am IT ignoramus and much as I’d like to,
    I still have to learn how.

    GodBless & More Power!

  9. maytopak

    I link to Thee!

  10. karl

    Finally learned how to link

    I am now the weakest link
    but I wont say goodbye

  11. oscar

    I don’t know how you do it, but it looks like your “Private Lives” is always on rotation. There are times that I see my link there. I understand it’d be too hard to maintain a long list, yours being a popular blog, but whoa, some discipline you have there if you rotate it manually.

    Anyway, you’re on my links list, but I guess you know that.

  12. mlq3

    oscar, it’s some sort of magical automation by abe olandres, i have no clue how it works!

    thanks everyone, just double-checking.

  13. john marzan

    I link to your awesome blog.

  14. Lance

    I think creating a link of one’s website is the best compliment that can possible be given to a writer. I’ve just done that.

    More power.

  15. Captain Marlow

    My favorite Philippines’ blog.

  16. rg

    the guy who got me blogging

  17. rg

    the guy who got me blogging

  18. Anomie

    I link to you (via my LJ links), but when my main site is up you’ll surely find your site on my top-ten list (because your blog is the next site I read after my emails)

  19. Bryant

    I’ve got you in my links. Thanks.

  20. dementia

    Thanks for the link back but you don’t have to link back to everyone who links to you. I wouldn’t mind not getting a link back from you. I link to your blog because I like reading your words. If you don’t find my blog interesting, it’s okay if you take it off.

  21. Maria Jose

    I link my two blogs (political and personal) to your blog.

  22. Marcus Aurelius

    Mr. Quezon,

    I link to you. In fact I welcomed your blog & DJB’s to the Blogger Beer blogroll last weekend.

    Rodent ka lang, perro mas maraming traffic dito sa Blogger Beer.

  23. Marcus Aurelius

    Looks like NZ Bear is changning his ranking system around. I guess you are in for a promotion based on traffic.

    I went from Marauding Marsupial to Flippery Fish.

  24. Mon

    Saw your article in Inq7.net. I wanted to reply but couldn’t. Anyway I will post a response at my blog at http://indonesiaexpat.blogspot.com.

    Will add u to my link. Hope you can do the same . . .

  25. journeyist

    of course i link to you… who doesn’t!? 🙂

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