Sep 06

Express delayed

My apologies for passing out during the voting, but the voting continues. Impeachment is dead in the House.

The Congressional express was delayed long enough so that it’s ultimate objective, to reach the station safely before protests could gather, has failed. The train will reach the station but there is a substantial crowd to demonstrate indignation at its arrival. Cory Aquino and Susan Roces are there, on Commonwealth Avenue.

Fidel Ramos has called for a press conference at 2 pm or so. His solution? Charter change. But charter change has been hitched to the President, and the President is the one who has now polarized people. What remains unresolved, of course, is how far are those opposd to the President prepared to go? The Palace is counting on two weeks of fury, followed by opposition petering out.

What if the opposition doesn’t peter out? What then?


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  1. MitaMS

    Then we have a new president who will be indebted to A LOT of new faces….

  2. ederic

    I’m sure may kinakabahan na sa Palasyo. 😀

  3. jennie

    I have been a lurker for quite a while. Today however, I cannot keep being one. I’ve been following the congressional session since last night and I am disgusted at the mockery.

    I was greatly surprised though, when Rep. Reyes of Marinduque voted Yes to the Committee Report. Did I hear it right or sobrang antok lang po ba ako at malamang nagkamali sa pagkakadinig ko? What happened to his, “Wala na bang ibang pipirma para sa katotohanan? speech?

  4. mlq3

    jennie, edmund reyes voted no to the report 🙂

  5. jennie

    oh thank you very much for clarifying it 😀 i’m glad i heard it wrong. my apologies to Rep. Reyes 🙂

  6. troy

    thank god it’s over! yes 158, no 51, abstain 6
    the rule of law is upheld. the impeachment complaint is junked! mabuhay si GMA!!!


  7. erwinrafael

    that’s not the rule of law. that’s the rule of majority of the tradpols.

  8. ricelander

    It’s the dawn of a new era, the triumph of lies over truth. Hallelujah! Who’s stupid enough to ever bother casting his vote next time around?

  9. xela

    FVR keeps repeating the charter change because he knows he has less hold on gloria when the impeachment is thrown out. Naisahan siya.

  10. mjiiyan

    wala ass ako uyab.. galibog na pud ko… unsa man mo…

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