Jul 08

Protesters at Ayala Avenue

People converging at the statue of Ninoy Aquino at the corner of Ayala Ave. and Paseo de Roxas.

People power begins. Well, 1,000 to 1,500 people anyway. Update: now 2,000. Confusion as to which groups are there, but it seems the groups allied with Jejomar Binay and opposition.

Reports the Communists will gather at Mabuhay rotonda and march to Ayala Avenue. Sketchy reports of a Mass at 5 p.m. at Camp Aguinaldo.

(Update): It’s clear the opposition is trying to seize the moment by taking over Ayala Avenue. They mobilized very efficiently.


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  1. neilsia

    if gma resigns… should people power proceed? I’m not for a Noli presidency… but never will i agree with an Erap comeback!

  2. sunder


    do you think these poor people will be paid this time, or will they just be given one regular jollibee yum meal.

  3. neilsia

    the protesters started out from the fire station at the corner of buendia and ayala… has Binay painted all over it. so which rally should i join?

  4. citizen frank

    These protests may be superfluous. Arroyo’s economic, political, and moral pillars have been knocked down from under her, all in the space of a few hours. She’ll come around, street marches or no.

  5. sunder

    the street protests are now anti climactic its almost over and done with, just one more coup de grace and its over,

  6. jdavies

    hala! ingat sa mga oportunista!

  7. The Ca t

    nasira nang i focus si nino muhlach nagtetext at nakangiti si imee.

  8. mlq3

    cat: hahahahahaha

  9. trmadol

    dude. awesome.

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