Jul 08

President shifting to Cebu

A few minutes ago, the President left the Palace, first, reportedly, for Malate Church, and now, it seems, toward Quezon City.

Update: ANC says the President is meeting Ramos at the Sulo Hotel, then to Malate Church, then on to Cebu.

If this is true, the President has an official office and residence there. She can rally the faithful. She is sticking it out.


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  1. dops

    ano namn kaya gagawin nya sa quezon city….hmmm…

  2. Paul

    Ultimately to Clark perhaps?

  3. jdavies

    Pampanga says here. lubao. possibly. Magsisimba. possibly time alone for discenrment. Or talk to daddy? Who knows.

  4. jdavies

    wow! where to where to!

  5. dops


    ha! subukan nya kung gano kabagsink ang mga dugong bisaya! hahahahah!

  6. Sam

    wow, castling move yan ah!

  7. dops

    tingin ko mangyayari jan…hmmm…tagu-taguan…hehehe…

    kakaawa na tlga yang si gma…

    kung sakaling, sakupin ng mga tao ang malacanang…at di na pabalikin dun si gloria…tapos dun na sya nanahanan sa cebu…sya pa rin ba ang presidente?

  8. jdavies

    Right Sam! If I was her I’l shift the capital to Cebu temporarily. Then address the nation na iwas gulo ung move. and cite how “cebu folk will love that since they won the elction for me”.

    calculating move huh?

  9. Sam

    GMA might transfer the seat of Govt to Cebu.

  10. dops

    narinig ko ang statement ni gloria!

    di pa rin sya talaga lalayas…

  11. jdavies

    well maybe that’s why Im not the president hehehe… wala siyang reaction – deadma sa events. Same formulaic announcement.

  12. Sam

    Thats why GMA wanted to get the support of the Provl Governors. Para ang dating, iwanan ang gulo sa Manila, while perform Presidential tasks in the provinces.

  13. Sam

    castling is supposed to be a King’s move not a queen…hehehe…kaya baka madale rin sya.

  14. Felix

    ok, GMA, paescort ka ke Winston Garcia since ala naman si mike, hehehe bagay kayo, parehong kapit tuko sa pwesto

  15. lavinia

    “Let Manila resign from the Philippines. Manila can do whatever they want, but Manila is not the Philippines. It was not only Cory or the Makati Business Club or their groups who put Arroyo in position. The Philippines is not just Manila or Makati. It also includes the
    provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao. If opportunists who will create stories and fabricate lies can unseat any President, the Philippines has no future.”

  16. Arianne Juanillo

    whatever.CEBU? we have NOT NEGLECTED CEBU! and we are not having a fight with cebu… I Know for a fact how they can be easily manipulted by rtistas and theyve been doing a little export wonder on their own…THAY HAVE been addressing themselves as Cebu only, or as other countries know, AN ISLAND IN THE PACIFIC, not even counting and informing the foreigners that they are, for a fact, from THE PHILIPPINES, not selfish eh? thats an understatement, hirap sa inyo, feeling nyo deprived kayo, eh sa totoo lang hinde!!!!!!

  17. john

    GMA might transfer the seat of Govt to Cebu. ? no way , we dont want to see more traffic in our roads , and we hate those party groups , why not just get a job and let the president do her part .

    leave cebu for cebuanos , we love GMA but we dont want her haters going to cebu , please we are already feed up with TV shows or news showing anti-GMA .. please dont let it be here live ..

    we love cebu and GMA but please he dont want to see more haters in our city ..

  18. something

    oh gosh just leave GMA in Manila.

    Cebu simply cannot afford to be another Manila.

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