Jun 11

Presscon at 3

Atty. Ong will be holding a press conference at 3pm, a reporter of DZMM says. A bishop is now reading a statement to the press…

(update) the statement was read by Fr. Dave Concepcion reading Manila Auxiliary Bishop Cortez saying that the Church gave Ong refuge and sanctuary as a matter of Christian charity and pastoral “solicitude”, but that the Church does not necessarily endorse Ong’s cause.


  1. Resty O.

    Why San Carlos Seminary, a rather obscure, ‘barriotic,’ spot in the metro where we hold our retreats and seminars?!? It only makes the Catholic appear more meddlesome than it’s already been painted to be! Oh, I get it, Ong’s supporters want Church support.

  2. mlq3

    Yes, they do, also the grounds are large, so it’s easier to secure. Plus -it’s along Edsa.

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