Nov 11


The Philippine Presidency Project has undergone its first major revision and update. A lot more to come. Please help spread the word.


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  1. alex argote

    Our ill-Armed Forces really need a massive overhauling, as well as the rest of our government and society if we have to carve out a great nation from all these mess..

  2. Angelo_A

    Hi Jon, wise men think alike ba? 😛 It’s indeed a great project.

  3. Jon Malaya

    Hi Manolo!

    I’d like to help out in your Philippine Presidency project in whatever way we can. Please let me and Ed know how we can support this noble project.

    You really never run out of great ideas 🙂

    All the best to you!



    Hi 😀

  5. sleep assult

    Pretty much nothing seems worth doing. I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen, but whatever.

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