Jun 30

The heavens parted

The rain stopped when she went to the Quirino grandstand to deliver her inaugural address. And as she arrived in Cebu, the heavens parted and the sun began to shine.

Good omens.

Now read the Inaugural Speech of Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Meanwhile, right now the rain is pouring, as if the heavens want to taunt and soak the supporters of Poe. Not a good day for a rally.


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  1. justine villareal

    can’t open the speech…

  2. mlq3

    The one you were singing was the one composed for Manuel L. Quezon by Francisco Santiago in 1939. FVR commissioned a new one in 1998.

  3. Eric Ambata

    Re: Gloriana! Bathala, Bless Our President!

    Just read your INQ7 article. Geezus! We use to sing that in third grade kasama ng America the Beautiful na mangled at naging Philippines the Beautiful at Caisson Song. My tatay taught me all the songs of the G.I. Joes during the liberation.

    Glory to our leader, hail him with great delight…leader of our nation, champion of our right, may wisdom guide his rule ta ra ra ra ra ra, hear o great bathala bless our president!

    Inay ko po, tama ba?!

    Naku kung Gloriana si Ate Glo sino kaya ang kanyang Walsingham? hehehe


  4. gelo_ancheta

    You missed my point. While there’s nothing wrong about a course of action or maintaning this and that for novelty’s sake, how one talks about his (her) action drops clues more than what one says when confronted. While tv journalists and reporters correctly brand the speech at Luneta as her Pre-inaugural address, the government’s labelling it as the Inaugural address, in its own news website, forebodes how her first 100 Years will be. Veracity and consistency shouldn’t be missed out, especially in recording history. Rereading your essay, I say ‘Quo Vadis?’. Let’s be justifiably optimistic. Her election success was inevitable anyway.

  5. markku

    Yes, a good sign to see the rain stop for a while. For those opposed to GMA, I don’t think there is much to do but hope for the best. Unless we want to pay for our groceries with money in huge plastic bags. 🙂

  6. mlq3

    I subscribe to the view that it was a pre-inaugural address. but the palace maintains that manila and cebu were two parts of the same ceremony, and that when you think of it, while tradition has usually dictated the inaugural address following the oath taking, there’s nothing wrong with making a speech and then taking your oath of office.

  7. gelo

    Manuel (to continue my prior post), please correct me if wrong. The speech posted in that site at http://www.news.ops.gov.ph/inaugural_speech2004.htm is the “pre-inaugural” address delivered in Luneta Grandstand. Was there an (and real) inaugural address in Cebu ? (will catch up with this in the late night news).

  8. gelo

    I was stumped when I saw her on TV at Quirino Grandstand. I thought the inaugural would be held in Cebu instead. I was about to post here about that when luckily, on Ch 7, a caption flashed. ‘Pre-inaugural’. At first I thought, she just changed mind since it was going to be a stormy day.

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