Jun 24


Debuts with its 1 hour format tonight, at 8pm on ABC-5.

Your truly is the first guinea pig host.

Also, apparently there’s a profile of me in this week’s issue of The Graphic magazine.


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  1. Oscar

    Hi Sir;

    I’ve watched your initial episode last night and found it interesting.All the issues were thoroughly taken up and I’m looking forward to it on your next episode. Its about time you’re given your own show. I’ve read with much enthusiasm all your articles at the inquirer website,and your TV guesting on debate shows on GMA-7 make the shows worthwhile to watch because of your intelligent views on the issues concerned

  2. willie

    isn’t that the show with chino trinidad? or not anymore? or am i mixing up my show trailers? and, will you return as host? *whew*

  3. Sassy

    Argh! I just missed it.

  4. bok

    re ur topic symbolic start, it reminds me again of arroyo’s pronouncement the other day that Cebu made her the president of the philippines. and because of this she promised to have a malacañang in the south which will be situated in Cebu.

    i thought that “self-made” president is calling for a reconciliation. why divide the country by stressing that IT IS CEBU WHO HAS MADE HER PRESIDENT? could she win the elections with only the 2 million votes she “got” from Cebu?

    we are now witnessing her onionskinnedness. pikon and vindictive to those who does not agree with her – like to the voters who chose other candidates. RECONCILIATION daw? my, my, i thought she’s brighter than FPJ… what an irresponsible statement from a soon to be proclaimed president by her own legislators… and of Cebu.

  5. mlq3

    nasusuka ka na? 🙁

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