Jun 13

What Makes America Great

This is the title of TODAY newspaper’s editorial which you can read here: ABS-CBNNEWS.COM

The editorial tackles the reasons why despite supporting dictators, despite its bouts with imperialism, America remains a country people look up to, and prefer to have on their side. The editorial explains why rabid anti-American haters never prosper in the end. A very thoughful and eloquent piece.


  1. mlq3

    Of course it was laced with sarcasm -nothing good in Today lacks sarcasm. But it was tinged through and through with a genuine fondness and affection for America.

  2. Jarek Piórkowski

    Oh? You mean the article was actually serious? I took it was all laced with sarcasm through and through.

    But then, I am just a cynical, bitter Polack.

  3. r

    FINALLY! A media outfit saying something nice about America, like it’s more of the ally than the enemy! Applause, applause!

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