Jun 11

Freelance Philippines

Freelance Philippines :: Index is an idea whose time has come.

I’m asking my partners at www.platypus.ph if we can’t somehow join forces with this great idea.

Anyway, please check out and support this idea. It’s Bulletproof Vest’s little baby.


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  1. mlq3

    The platypus proposal is still there; we’re just wrapping up some other projects, but we have dibs!

  2. mlq3

    My pleasure. Platypus (www.platypus.ph) is a small publishing company some friends and I put together.

  3. Happy

    Thanks, thanks for the plug. Let’s get this thing going: hiring managers and headhunters need to know as well.

    I’m writing up template emails so people can just cut and paste to their favorite HR personnel. Just to get the word out to whoever might need it.

    What is platypus?

    Many thanks,


  4. Sassy

    Uy, what happened na to the platypus proposal…??

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