May 26

Shut up! No, you shut up!

Female spectator tells Dilangalen to ‘shut up’ – May 26, 2004

Dinangalen: “Shut up!”

Gonzalez: “Shut up!”

Dinagalen: “No, you shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

*gavel bangs*

Tee hee hee hee.


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  1. wili

    The “Honorable & Non-Biodegradable” Congressman Dilangalen seem to be a difficult person as difficult as pronouncing his name right. You owe us a lot Digs! Just count the votes!

  2. Leejay P

    dapat nakalagay sa note: Dilangalen shut up! your mouth is only for sucking cocks! 😀

  3. Jason Tuazon

    You go, girl! Hats off to Pido. Masyado pa nga tame yung note eh. If it was me, i would have written: “SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DIPSHIT DILANGALEN! STOP FUCKING WITH OUR (THE TAXPAYERS) TIME & MONEY!” 😉

  4. Chester Diaz

    I laud Joanna and Suzette Pido for slamming shut up for Dilangalen. Dilangalen wasted his pork barrel and our taxpayer’s money too. Dilangalen is loser, forever.

  5. Ananias E. Diokno III

    I admire the woman’s courage to stand up the obvious grandstanding and the attempt to delay the start the canvassing of the ballots. We follow this woman’s example. Enough is enough! Politicians stop talking and start counting the damn votes. Stop thinking of personal glory and start thinking of the country’s welfare first. Then maybe our country can be great again.

  6. jey

    dilangalen really deserves it. i salute the woman who told him to shut up.

  7. markmomukhamo

    and our taxes pay for the salaries and pork barrel of these people. sheesh kahiya.

  8. jacky jacinto

    kudos to that woman! she actually did what i’ve been wanting to do for days now! dilangalen is…something else….i have a lot of words for that man but in the interest of self-preservation, i will just keep it to myself. 😀

  9. cathy

    galing na babae. more power to her.

    The CAt

  10. princess

    stop ur accusation to mr. shut up. . nothing to be serious about. salute to this credible man. surf to his accomplishment. non-wasteful of taxpayers money. u all shot up!

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