Apr 23


In ABS-CBNNEWS.COM, they trumpet the SWS Survey which ABS-CBN and the Manila Standard exclusively commissioned. The Standard, for one, was publicizing that it was printing 25% more copies of their issue for today, in expectation of how important today’s survey results would be.

As ABS-CBN reports,

Raul Roco’s departure for Houston, Texas last week to seek medical treatment gave President Arroyo the impetus to pull ahead of the pack, the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed Friday.

But it also left more voters undecided in their choices, the SWS said.

Homestretch, and the fight is on for the huge 10% slice that’s undecided.


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  1. BatJay

    interesting… if lacson pulls out. FPJ is our next president.

  2. wysgal

    I’m undecided as well. Or am I undecided whether I’m undecided or not?

  1. The Sassy Lawyer's Journal

    Who commissioned the SWS survey?

    Via Manolo’s blog, a link to the results of a new Social Weather Station (SWS) survey in an ABB-CBN News report that Gloria Arroyo is…

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