Apr 22

On party switching

On party switching – Apr. 22, 2004 is my column for today.

This blog was down for over two days as there was a problem with the host server.


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  1. prem

    i think he is with ploghost.com

  2. Manuel Viloria

    Hi! Who is your web host provider?

  3. Jojo Dancel

    If your granddad did not immortalize party switching, we probably will not be seeing these political butterflies now.

    But then again, your granddad contributed to discovering a new animal specie – the political butterflies – that will not be endangered in the next millenium or so. We probably should call these group – quezonamus lipadadis.

  4. trmadol

    Bonjour! What a super websight! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). I eat frogs and drink wine. Woold like more informatons on this. Best regards! Mikael.

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