Mar 09

You need me running like you need a brain tumor

In EXPECTORANTS, a fellow blogger asks,

3. Manolo Quezon, will you ever run for president?

To which I have to respond by stating an answer to a similar question asked in Batang Baler Forums.

My answer was basically as follows:

I won’t run for public office because of many reasons, chief among them: a) don’t have the funds b) don’t have a suitable personality c) I’m adopted so my name doesn’t matter d) you have to be true to your true calling, in my case being a journalist/historian e) a belief i share with my late dad that one Quezon in politics is enough.

I have served in an appointive position but won’t serve again until I’m more financially stable; and absolutely the only position I’d contemplate campaigning for is as a delegate to a constitutional convention, and even then, someone would have to bankroll the campaign.


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  1. Anonymous

    what do you mean by adopted? is this for real/

  2. Sassy Lawyer

    I said I’d watch Wanted: President and I did and… are you a shy person, Manolo?

  3. r

    adopted? hahaha

  4. james

    ever heard of the famous rene saguisag, ‘ampunin ako’ election strategy
    when he was pleading lack of campaign funds?

    one never knows. haha.

  5. zerline

    hmn, i’ve wondered before and now i understand why there were no replies to the aforequoted responses.

    please know mlq3 that many of us who read your blog do it for the simple reason that the entries are insightful, the ideas honest and original, thought of. your family name is just incidental. and, bless you, you’re doing a fine job of upholding its integrity.

    you are a good man mlq3 and let not others make you feel otherwise. shine and take a bow.

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